We are releasing a hotfix today that addresses several issues with last weeks 1.4.2 patch. Some changes not intended for patch 1.4.2 were accidentally included. This hotfix tweaks things to be closer to our intentions. They are still however a work in progress. More changes are to come as needed, including an improvement to sway that will replace the current Perlin noise weapon sway pattern with a fixed and more predictable Lissajous curve pattern. For more information on this and our other plans, see our third State of Production post here. The hotfix changelist can be found below:

Toned back some of the movement acceleration and deceleration changes from the 1.4.2 patch.
Increased default movement acceleration speed.
Increased sprint acceleration speed.
Increased friction and deceleration.

Fixed issue where low stamina had no effect on weapon sway. Low stamina used to increase both weapon sway magnitude and speed before 1.4.2, but now has been tweaked so it only increases weapon sway speed.
Low stamina sway speed is less than before, 150% instead of 200%.

Removed camera shake from pistol and rifle sprint animations.
Improved knife sprinting animation to better time with footstep audio.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where the tutorial level might not be able to be completed due to the extraction vehicle not being able to properly navigate.

Hotfix #2 - 8th November

Critical Fixes
Fixed an issue on Crossing Frontline, where if an Insurgent player dies just before the Security captures Objective F, the Insurgent player could potentially respawn under the map.
Fixed a crash caused by viewing the weapon model in the Loadout menu.
Fixed a client side crash that would happen when certain types of friendly fire were applied to the player.